Beth Lindsay - Brighton and Hove Hypnotherapy

Today’s world can be overwhelming, and most of us have challenges in our lives and changes we want to make. Over the last twelve years I have helped clients achieve long lasting change.

Hypnotherapy aims to put you back in control of your thoughts and behaviours,  working at a pace that suits you to support you with your challenges and overcome what’s been standing in the way.

Through expert hypnotherapy sessions, I can help with a wide range of problems - from phobias, IBS, insomnia,  anxiety, weight-loss, addictions (like smoking, alcohol or food) to sports performance, increasing confidence - I have even helped someone pass their driving test.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. If you are looking to change unhelpful feelings, behaviours or habits, Solution focussed hypnotherapy and CB hypnotherapy may offer that effective support and positive long term change. I am CNHC registered.