Beth helped me overcome my fear of flying and it’s opened up a world of travel for me. I actuaIly just moved to the other side of the world for a new job! I never would have been able to get on that first plane without you.
— Fear of Flying

People with phobias or fears often experience unwanted responses to animals, objects, insects, actions or places. This physical response is known as a stress response; I have had clients describe it as being “paralysed with fear” or “having butterflies in my stomach”, “just wanting to run away” from whatever is triggering the response. Unconsciously our flight or fight response has kicked in, taken control and all good intent and logical thought is put on hold.

Our phobias can interrupt our daily lives and stop us from doing the things we want to do - a phobia might stop you getting on an airplane, visiting the doctor or getting into a lift. Or you might suffer from panic attacks due to past trauma, low mood or PTSD or OCD. It may have been slowly getting worse over the years and now is the time to address it.

Using hypnosis we can help to undo your body’s “fight or flight” response to your fear or phobia. It is a safe, comfortable and relaxing experience and people can feel as if a weight has been lifted from their shoulders and they can ' move on' with their lives.

What phobias have you successful treated?

  • Fear of flying

  • Claustrophobia

  • Social phobias

  • Fear of insects

  • Fear of heights

  • Fear of needles

  • Fear of dentists

  • Fear of pregnancy

  • Fear of water

How do you treat phobias and how long will it take?

Often phobias can be treated in just one session. In your consultation, I’ll evaluate the level of your phobia and then use a combination of techniques to help you resolve it, gradually building up your confidence and your ability to stay calm. You might even begin to look forward to seeing how much more confident you will feel.