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How can hypnotherapy help me?

Hypnotherapy should be a relaxing and safe way to begin to change negative and unhelpful behaviours, responses or habits and create more beneficial positive beliefs and supportive behaviours. However hard we might try to overcome a fear or make a change,  it often seems as if our mind has a will of its own.  That's because it does!

Our subconscious mind is often led by emotion and habit. Logical thought and intent often seems ignored as our unconscious takes control and sabotages our best intentions.

Hypnotherapy is a relaxing and safe way to access our unhelpful beliefs and create more productive and meaningful behaviour.  Most clients find it extremely effective and enjoyably relaxing.  It can help you lose weight, gain confidence, improve your tennis serve, relax during exams. If you want to improve the way you react and think about a situation then hypnotherapy could be the way forward.

What can I expect in my first session?

Your initial consultation will take about 1 ½ hrs. This allows us time to prioritise issues, establish goals and use hypnosis to relax and begin to make effective changes.

How many sessions will I need?

Most clients report beneficial changes after their first session and more often book addition sessions to build on those positive changes.

If you choose to use CBT hypnotherapy then you commit to a longer frame work of sessions which we will discuss during your initial booking. CBT hypnotherapy suits the client who is able to commit to a longer time frame and might benefit from regular weekly support.

Is hypnotherapy suitable for children and teens?

Absolutely! With teenagers, the process is fairly similar to that used with adults and can be seen as mind coaching which they can actively engage with. Increased confidence and learning how to manage stress can be helpful in supporting young adults in these challenging times.

With younger children it can be highly effective as they have such vivid imaginations and usually enjoy learning new skills.  Hypnotherapy can be done with eyes open or closed - whatever makes the child feel safe. A parent or carer must be present during the initial session and then can stay or wait outside depending on what the child wants.

Younger children may find it harder to concentrate and sit still so sessions are client led and shorter, usually about 40 minutes. I use lots of imaginative activities, metaphors and stories. These are matched to your child’s interests, attention span and personality.  I am CRB checked and I’m a mother myself so know lots of tricks for keeping kids engaged and active during our session.


Are there different kinds of hypnotherapy?

I work using a solution goal-focused approach. The solution focused approach aims to provide clients with a fast and cost-effective solution to issues they seek help for.  

Solution focused hypnotherapy can be combined with CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) depending on your need. This approach is extremely effective for weight loss, phobia's , addictions , PTSD and phobic responses.

CBT hypnotherapy is a well-researched and established form of hypnotherapy which first uncovers the unhelpful negative thoughts which have led to bad habits and beliefs. Working closely with me, we'll set out to establish more supportive thought processes which should lead to more realistic and healthful positive behaviour and beliefs.  If you choose to work this way, it is important that we recognise a commitment to a longer term of sessions which can involve some worksheets and homework designed for you to reinforce positive outcomes. A minimum of 4 sessions is expected.

I can offer a few low cost hypnotherapy sessions for job seekers and NHS employees.

" I went to see Beth sceptical about hypnotherapy but really desperate to get my drinking habit under control...Beth has the unique ability to make you feel at ease immediately, open up and tell the truth (which is hard).  Her non-judgemental, gentle manner helped  me see clearly what I was doing to myself and why…Then hypnotised me for 20 mins.  I remember everything she said and if I read it in a book it wouldn’t have changed my life!  However there really is something in those sessions that changes the way my mind behaves and now I am alcohol free '


How many sessions will I need?

During your initial consultation and session we will establish what areas you want to prioritise and include hypnosis tailored to your specific needs.

The majority of my clients report feeling the benefits and changes after just one session and these changes can be built on with follow up sessions, should you want. I will never recommend that you come in for more sessions than you need. All through our work together we will check that you are heading in the direction you want, and we are improving the issues you first came for. 

What do you charge?

Adult consultation and initial session:   £45

Follow-up sessions:                                     £30

Stop Smoking Package:                              £110

Children and concessionary rate:            £25

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