“I feel totally different. After one session I feel more in control, less on edge and my head no longer feels like it’s going to pop in situations that used to set my heart and mind racing!”

Increasingly anxiety, panic attacks and stress related conditions seem to be a part of modern life that many feel they just have to live with - but that's not the case.

Stress can be useful on occasion if it motivates us but when it begins to get out of hand it can disrupt our lives. 

If you’re experiencing too much stress in your life, it’s probably making you feel anxious and irritable, affecting your primary relationships, your productivity, your physical health and the overall quality of your life. It may be disrupting your sleep, affecting your digestion or even making your jaw hurt.

What phobias have you successful treated?

  • Fear of flying

  • Claustrophobia

  • Social phobias

  • Fear of insects

  • Fear of heights

  • Fear of needles

  • Fear of dentists

  • Fear of pregnancy

  • Fear of water

How do you treat stress and how long will it take?

At the start of your consultation I'll help assess your stress and we'll discuss the most immediate triggers - whether it is a situation, a physical issue, a past experience or a relationship. Then we'll set you a goal asking how you wish to feel, how you would like to be, and things that you would chose to do in your life if you were free of stress. I'll work with you to reach your goals using a range of different techniques.

After your first session you may feel more confident; more relaxed in situations that have previously challenged you. Many people say that they are calmer and that they have more clarity of thought – able to make decisions more easily.