I wanted to give up drinking wine as when I had a glass it always led to whole a bottle and then the munchies afterward meant many extra unwanted calories. Beth, in one sitting, hypnotised me into thinking I didn’t want any wine! Someone offered me a glass of wine and all I could think is ‘Why would I want to poison myself with that?’ I do not want or miss it at all. I feel healthy and I lost weight without even thinking by not having those extra calories. It really works and Beth is super in the way she relaxed me. I felt totally at ease with her. She is wonderful.

— Jane, 45, Brighton

People with phobias or fears often experience unwanted responses to animals, objects, insects, actions or places. This physical response is known as a stress response; I have had clients describe it as being “paralysed with fear” or “having butterflies in my stomach”, “just wanting to run away” from whatever is triggering the response.

Our phobias can interrupt our daily lives and stop us from doing the things we want to do - a phobia might stop you getting on an airplane, visiting the doctor or getting into a life. Or you might suffer from panic attacks. 

Using hypnosis we can help to undo your body’s “fight or flight” response to your fear or phobia.

Some of the reasons my clients want to Rethink their Drink:

  • The early evening; ‘wine o’clock’ glass is a habit that you would like to stop.  
  • The large glass of wine you use to relax in the evening may have become a fattening habit.
  • Wanting to only drink socially.
  • A break from drinking for a while so that you can gain more energy and health.
  • Instead of lifting your mood, alcohol is now acting as a depressant.

How do you help me Rethink my Drink and how long will it take?

Whether you want to review your drinking habits or stop over-drinking, I can help.

Hypnotherapy will help you give your liver and mind a well-earned rest and with results after just one session, it may be cheaper than a night out on the town!