Beth Lindsay Hypnotherapy Brighton

Fears & phobias

Fear of flying, dogs, heights, needles...
Social phobias
Overcome limiting beliefs

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Weight loss & weight management

Boredom eating
Emotional eating
Stop snacking
Banish fast food
Exercise motivation
Eating disorders

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Stop smoking
Excessive drinking
Recreational drugs
Food addictions

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Stop smoking

Hypnotherapy is the most effective way of giving up smoking according to the largest ever-scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit

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Panic attacks
Fear of flying
Exam nerves
Worry at work

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Managing stress
Sleeping better
Feeling more relaxed
Building confidence

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Personal development
Interview anxiety
Panic attacks
Sports performance
Exam nerves
Driving test

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Rethink Drink

Whether you want to review your drinking habits or stop over-drinking, I can help.

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Workplace bullying

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Fertile body method

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Adult consultation and initial session:   £60

Follow-up sessions:                                     £40

Stop Smoking Package:                              £110

Children:                                                      £30

I have been working as a hypnotherapist for many years. I originally qualified as a designer but then retrained as a registered BAC Person Centred Counsellor in London. Additional training went on to include bereavement counselling, eating disorders and stress management.

When I moved to Brighton I trained with Uncommon Knowledge and became a supervisor on their Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy diploma before they relocated to Scotland. Recent training has included RECBT hypnotherapy and child and teen focussed hypnosis. I am a registered Fertile Body method practitioner which uses hypnosis to support couples embarking on fertility treatment.

I am register with GHR , CNHC registered and I have professional public liability insurance.


fear of flying:

'thank you..I am back having has 2 good flights!! What a difference. I was calm, far more relaxed  and even enjoyed flying !!..I now have a few weeks before my next trip and I can honestly say that I am looking forward to it. Thank you so much for your help.'

                                                      Andy, 27 , Hove


nail biting:

' I have always wanted to stop biting my nails and have always failed whenever I have train to stop. I have been chewing on my nails since I was 9 years old! It's embarrassing now when you are a grown man ! I havent touched my nails since out session, just one, which I felt was very relaxing and a very positive and pleasant experience... I know you have made a big difference to me and I am very grateful ...'

                                                   Pete 47, London